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1 Co-Sponsored Affiliate (CSA) (MRP Store)

Retail Price: $4.50
You Save: $4.50 (100%)

Instantly strengthen your team and boost your potential earning power with a newly joined SFI affiliate--assigned to YOU as the co-sponsor! PLUS...get 20 Rewardical Tokens with this purchase!!

The affiliate in this auction has typically joined SFI within the past 72 hours (or will most likely join in the next 72 hours) and will typically appear in your Genealogy report within 72 hours after the end of the auction so that you may contact them and begin working with him or her. As a co-sponsor, you'll be eligible to earn 8% commissions on ALL your CSA's purchases!

Limited quantities available, good while supplies last!

IMPORTANT! To retain your CSAs, you must maintain EA (minimum 1,500 VP) status monthly.

Note: Do NOT purchase if you are not willing or able to provide quality support.

Once you've received your co-sponsored affiliates, it's time to learn what being a leader in SFI is all about! Read the SFI Leader Do's and Don'ts article and use it as your guide! As their co-sponsor, you are expected to provide encouragement and be available to answer questions in a timely manner, etc.

First, though, welcome them and let them know you are their new co-sponsor. Here's how: Using the "Date Joined" filter on your Genealogy, select your new CSAs. Then click on each of their SFI ID numbers to access their Affiliate Snapshot and the Welcome Letter sending tool.

You can get more details about co-sponsorship and CSAs in the Co-Sponsorship FAQs.

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